"I personally use your system, and since getting it I sold 8 GE policies last month buying term life leads. And that's from only 25 leads! ...it's fun to do personal production again. Your system works!!! Ronnie O'dell

"I really do like what I see... The lead script and the cover that goes out with the app. alone are worth the price of the program! I will be in touch for the coaching sessions! John Zeigler

“I have been working from my desk selling life insurance for many years, but I had no real system. When I spoke with Mark Meurer about his Digital Agent Selling System (Internet Insurance System), I could not wait to begin training and implementation. I have found that Mark is sincere and really tries to help. His Lead Script is awesome. The drip email has increased my applications submitted ratio. I would not hesitate to purchase the system, because Mark’s personal coaching sessions will make your money back for you.” Theodore Maines

“WOW. Where do I start? After 20 years in the insurance business I have finally found a system that I could sink my teeth into. I have to say that the personal coaching sessions combined with the manual and back office have helped me generate substantial new business, plus pull extra money in from my current customers.” William Hasnack

“I bought the Mortgage Life Insurance System (Mortgage Insurance System) about a week ago. I used it my first day and made a sale over the phone! I was pumped! Then I began to generate leads with the mailer, and I am working them now. This system has given me a good track to follow. Plus Mark has really been helpful. I feel I have a real winner in my possession!” Teri Rose

“As a stay at home mom, I have found the Internet system allows me to drop the kids off at school, plus pick them up while making money. No more boss to answer and no more time clock to punch.” Elaine Steffens

“Mark does not beat around the bush. He helped me right off the bat with a simple phone call. I pulled a couple of secrets out of him while probing him on the Digital Agent System (Internet Insurance System). I made money from his help before I ever received his system. I love working from my desk and playing golf on Wednesdays. The system cost me less than the commission from a single sale.” John Holt

“The Mortgage Lead System (Mortgage Insurance System) has been a great help. Thanks!” Ben Owens

“The assumptive sales method that you taught me works GREAT!” Tim Mitchell

“You were right Mark, if I talk to 20-30 new people each week, I make sales! The secret is to have 20-30 new people to visit with and you have provided me multiple systems to generate them. I want to say thanks!” Bill Mansley

“Before I first bought the system, I had a hard time with getting things moving. I had been struggling for several years. After I had a couple of coaching sessions, that you offer with your programs, I felt like I had just graduated from college. I just needed a system that I could do over and over again.” Joan Ann Johnson

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